PadMod at GiGA Games!???!

What can we say, we received these days an email from GiGA Games and the kind Marc announced his interest in the PadMod. Phew, it came as a surprise for us and we did not know what to do in the beginning. We are not really far enough in development to present something.

Of course, we have put together a lot of stuff here, but unfortunately, many things are not built-in properly and so there would be no point in presenting the mod, at least not right now. So we asked Marc to give us some more time, so we can work on the mod accordingly and we can also present something tangible at GiGA. Well, we just said that the first of November would be a good date, but we are not sure about that by ourselves. *g*

Although Marc has not yet responded to us, whether if it is okay with the appointment, but we can tell you that there is a lot of stuff happening in our team again and that we want to try, of course, to finish as much as possible in the given time.