PadGarden revised

ENTE's PadGarden in 2006

Here is a sneaky peak of the revised PadGarden from ENTE, which he hopes to finish in the next few days. The map will then be tested before being released as part of the stand alone game.

As you can see, new textures and models have improved the quality of the map, making it more perfect than before. It is a place where the summer sun shines all year long, and you have to wear wellies to play darts. 😉

Everything is much more realistic, including the underwater scenery 😮 which is where you will now find PadPower. On the rock above you will now find Jumper, behind the wall lattice there is Invisibility, and Revival is on the deck-chair; changes which we hope will improve game play as much as the new textures have improved the look of the map. Why not study these pictures and see what else you can spot? 😀

(Translation by IG)