Rent your own server – for free

Who of you always wanted to create a game server for a match, but then failed in establishing and administrating it? Since, for people who are not typing on the keyboard like Mozart is playing the piano, it is rather difficult to set up a server, there is now the option to rent a fully functional server with high speed internet connection, good pings, and up to 12 slots – and all that for free.

To do this you can use the site of CoreFusion (link is broken) to register and apply for one of the servers for one hour a week and 7 days ahead. If you then have chosen a time, the “rcon”-password (remote control) and all other details will be sent to you by e-mail. At the moment the offer is still in the testing phase, but it already works well and the first bookings (called “bookies”), are also done yet.

So, if you want to duel with another clan or another player, or just want to be your own boss for an hour, this is not longer a problem. We, the community reporters wish you lots of fun while testing and playing the offer and hope that you are playing some nice rounds.