WoP in Israeli TV show Deus

Deus TV show

At times we get surprised by really crazy events, crazy even by WoP standards, that show us how widespread WoP has become. Almost on the day two years ago ENTE got an email from Israel and what a surprise it was to the team. It was about a planed TV show for kids where video games should play an important part including World of Padman. After a couple of friendly phone calls we agreed to let them use WoP without knowing what exactly the show was about. Now finally the show was aired and one forum member nestel34 watched it and noticed WoP. He let us know about it and also explained the story of Deus to us, that’s how the show is called.

Deus is about Israelis who tamper with the virtual lives of other people, it is about hackers, engaging in the internet and remote computers. The series is aired on Channel Kids and shows different views on what computers mean to people, what risks are involved, benefits and downsides of the internet. What makes Deus special, is the inclusion of in game footage and one of the games used in some of the 50 episodes, as mentioned, is WoP. The following video gives an impression, how it looks like. There we go, WoP on TV, now it can only be a question of time until we witness the first WoP movie. 😉

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