Statement on the current situation!

We are really sorry that things have gotten so quiet here lately. Some of you may be wondering what happened, why it got so quiet around the PadMod. Well, you have to thank me a little, because unfortunately I had to retire a bit. After years of mapping the PadMaps and working on the PadMod, I now got the receipt and suddenly stood in front of the shards of a marriage. I just exaggerated it, spent all night sitting in front of my PC, often mapping for 20 hours at a time, neglecting family and work.

It just could not last forever, and so some private things that have been going on here lately are tearing me back to “reality”. I was just shaken awake and had to realize that lately I had set very wrong priorities (if you can call it that). So I have to change a few things to limit or to repair the damage. These include daily, self-given kicks in the butt and hitting my fingers when I am sitting to much in front of the PC. 😉

Sorry, but I thought, I clarify things a little bit and write about why nothing is happening here. It really is not that I/we want to file the complete thing here, certainly not. It just will not happen so much in the near future. First and foremost, we are waiting for the Q3 engine to go open source and we can make a stand alone version of PadMod. 😉

The promised Update02 is still in the works. There are still only a few bot support issues which need to be fixed. The same applies to the map PadLibrary, because it is already finished (SYC and BB version) and just waiting to be packed into the next update. At the moment I can not say when exactly we will get this out, because our coders are currently a bit short of time.

The forum, or the server on which the forum was located got unfortunately cut, so you have to deal with the interims forum for  while, which has kindly established for us by Magnacus. Unfortunately, the forum is loading very slow, but Harmonieman will soon take care about the problem. 😀

So, do not despair, the PadMod has not died. That was made clear to me last weekend by some PadFans on the BattleServer. When I stopped by, I found ten and more players there, which I was really looking forward to. Oh yes, the Sunday matches were moved from 18:00 to 20:00 o’clock, if I got it right. 😀

Greetings ENTE