The future of WoP

What is going on in the World of Padman? Are there any new updates, maps or skins planned or is this project dead at all? After seeing that the mod is not played online very often, even if it was downloaded a thousand times, we are thinking about the future. It looks like that it makes no sense in continue with this mod. But wait, we are still going to fix some bugs, even if this is only for us to have a bug free mod. 😀

Besides of fixing bugs, like the logo selection bug, we want to include some new features. At the moment we have our new coder cyrri working on the bot support and it seems like he makes good progress. Oh and we are thinking about including the single player. 😉

Ok, at the moment the whole team is enjoying the summer and it will take some time to get them all back at work. Simply watch this page for updates from time to time. 😉

(Translation by Harmonieman)