The lost WoP maps

Looking through the picture archive of all the stuff we have done during the last two years, ENTE noticed, that we started some cool maps, that never got finished. 🙁

The reasons for not finishing are different. The mappers got no time to continue, we dismissed the map (hehe) or we totally lost contact to the mapper. ENTE thought he should publish a shot of every unfinished map, just to show you what was going on behind closed doors. You can see SLoB‘s western map and Maverick’s Flintsones map, which both have a very interesting setting.

At the beginning Fiesling joined the team and wanted to create two maps, a refurbished version of his map Home of the Gamer and a garage map, but he lost interrest and left the team. GreenThumB was working on a room map that looked really cool on the pics, but due to private trouble he had to leave the team. So did Maverick.

Glowstar’s mine map and theKINGofRING’s tavern were not very well accepted by the other members. Another garage map was in work by Schakal, but we lost contact and do not know if he is still working on. Even ENTE has an unfinished map on his hard drive. It is a construction site. He lost interrest in this map and started to make a new map, which is included in the mod now, PadAttic. At the moment he is thinking about to continue to work on the construction site map. 😉

But that is not all. Harmonieman got a treehouse map in the works, but did not know how to continue and how to add more game play to it. Another unfinished map of Harmonieman is the library. A hard drive crash took all the textures and the map files. 🙁 Last but not least, we have a picture of an office map, but we do not know who ist the creator. 😀

As you can see, we could have had a lot more maps in the mod, if all these maps got finished.

(Translation by Harmonieman)