Sundays are still rocking

Every Sunday the same game, the health indicator goes to zero, you have collected a few color cartridges, running obsessively to the Teloporter, the fingers sweat bathed, the heart beating wildly. You have only one goal in mind, the teleporter. Then, it is only a few centimeters, you start to jump, you think you have made it and “Wuuuummms”, there you are dead and someone else jumps with the loot in the teleporter.

That’s them, the moments in which one likes to bite into his keyboard. But these are also the moments that inspire the PadMod gamers, pure adrenaline! The PadMod is not just about winning, it is all about the fun, the chaotic action. If you have not experienced it yet, you should stop by on Sundays, because it always rocks around 18:00 for two hours. Just have a look in the PadMod forum! 😉