The music menu

Music player menu

From the beginning we wanted to have a jukebox in the mod, so that you can select which Dieselkopf track you want to listen in the mod.

It took some time until we (or better said ENTE) had an idea how to implement it. Now we (ENTE 😉 ) have an idea and the menu for the music selection will look like the back of a LP-cover. You just klick on the track you want to hear and that is it. but there will be even more, you can also klick on more than one track and a playlist will be created! Our coder raute also informed us, that we will be able to create different packages with different covers and tracks. So after a release (still no date set!) we will release different packages with more tracks of Dieselkopf.


We hope you enjoy our first ideas.

(Translation by Harmonieman)