Diner and Anteroom with new textures

GlowStars's Anteroom

You may have noticed that we are not really busy with posting news. 😉 This is caused by the current situation in the team. Most of us have finished their stuff and are only waiting as you do. The only question was: should we still hide without news and wait for the release or should we try to get some news up over here? So we decided to give you some news, because it would be silly to let this site die. 😉

As already mentioned, most of the members have their stuff done and are working on other things. But some of them took some time and tried to give their work a new boost by adding details and changing textures. So Glowstar and Harmonieman asked the master ENTE to help them with some textures in their maps. Now we got some new screenshots of Harm’s Diner and Glowstar’s Anteroom up! Even more shots can be found in the maps section.


(Translation by Harmonieman)