Three new game types for WoP 1.7

Three new game types for WoP 1.7

Somehow 3 is the number of the hour, because World of PADMAN 1.7 will have three new game modes ready for you if everything goes according to plan.

We already reported on Freeze Tag back in the spring. The game mode known from the XMAS mod has been given icy effects for all weapons in the new WoP version. The aim is to completely freeze the opposing team and thus render them unable to fight. Of course, you can also unfreeze your teammates if the opponent allows it. The game mode is already fully playable, even with bots, and we are only working on a few minor details.


We have also already reported on Catch the Killerduck. The aim is to collect the Killerduck holdable as quickly as possible and hold on to it for as long as possible, because you get points for doing so. Unfortunately, you are then at the mercy of the other players. Although you receive maximum health and armor, you can no longer collect and use weapons and ammunition. So you have no choice but to use your legs and skillfully dodge the attacks of your fellow players who also want to get their hands on the Killerduck. A higher running and jumping speed and the option of still being able to collect all the powerups help here. The bots already understand the game principle quite well, but unfortunately we are still plagued by a few bugs at the moment, which we hope to find and fix in the beta tests at the latest.


Last but not least, there may also be One Lolly CTL in the new WoP version. The aim of your team here is to collect the neutral lolly in the middle of the map as quickly as possible and deliver it to the red or blue lolly in the opponent’s base, as this scores points. It is therefore a modified version of the familiar Capture the Lolly game principle, only with shorter running paths and without the teams being able to block each other. The game mode is already fully playable on four of our CTL maps, but we still have to explain this to the bots, as they don’t yet understand what they are supposed to do here. The neutral lollipop on the screenshot is still a placeholder and will be replaced.


With this preview of WoP 1.7, we wish you a happy second Advent. Your WoP team