WoP as the first ego shooter at school championships

eSport school championship

We have already mentioned that World of Padman is “rated 12+” now by the German USK, but why the whole thing? Simply because the shooter should be considered at the upcoming 5th eSport School Championship (German only) and is thus the first shooter ever, which is played at these championships.

The German Games School Championship is an event of Turtle Entertainment and is thus completely in the sign of eSports and now already in the fifth year. The goal here is to promote “teamwork, creativity, communication and the understanding of computer games as a sport” for children from the age of 12 years. Of course, we are very happy that World of Padman version 1.5 is chosen and we hope for exciting 3on3 fights in the Capture The Lolly mode.

Incidentally, the acceptance of our game was actually only possible because the USK rating is exactly 12+. A higher rating would also have been the premature end to World of Padman as a game for the school championships.