WoP PadMod for Quake 3 – files repacked!

Due to the fact that users had to download lots of different files to get the PadMod World of Padman up and running, we decided to re-package the installer so all the necessary files are together. What this means for you is that you only need to download just the one installer and you are off! If you already have WoP working for Quake 3 please do not download this as this is intended for people who do not have WoP for Quake 3 yet.

We would clearly like to point out that this release is not the WoP stand alone, nor a new version of the PadMod! The WoP stand alone release is planned for XMAS/New Year.

It is exactly the same content as in the single packages we had released before but with some new key binds and server configs. Unfortunately, for lack of space we did not include the music packs and you will need to download them separately. In the case you are using ioquake3 you could be happy, we included some options to install the mod for ioquake3 too.

At present there are installers for Windows and Linux available. Unfortunately, Macintosh users will need to be a bit more patient until the Mac package is completed. At this point we would like to thank Thilo and Smiley for their work on the installers. Additional thanks to ModDB.com and exp.de for providing the following mirrors:


(Released: 02.10.2006 | MD5: D8BEA6D6DEC854CA08D4389F3F898F53 | SHA-1 : C2CEE8B3F01FAA9355C1C74EAAB51ABA57A63B48)


(Released: 02.10.2006 | MD5: 8D010A35797E068DD97CE603FBFF835F | SHA-1 : DFC53F21500D15BFC0F2808289F5BA97540E5138)