WoP receives ModDB’s Visual Delight Award

Visual Delight award by ModDB

We are pleasantly surprised and humbled by the coveted ModDB award for Visual Delight. 😮 If this continues, each physical trophy received will need to be modelled so we can display it with pride somewhere safe inside a future PadMap. 😉

Visual Delight Award

Wacky visuals, creative spirit and a damn fine mod. World of Padman loads tons of crazy detail into every level, making the mod a real work of art. Watch out for their upcoming stand alone release!

Awarded by methulah | Tue 24th Oct, 2006

Finally, like any award, we want to try to keep hold of it and to that end an attempt will be made to raise the standard a little higher with the upcoming maps earmarked for the PadGame.

(Translation by IG)