World of Padman 1.6.2 released!

WoP 1.6.1 released

For the first advent we have an update for you. Yes, World of Padman is now available in version 1.6.2 as unified zip, as Windows installer and for Linux systems in the Snap Store for download and installation.

Actually, version 1.6.1 should be the end and this should be the last update for The Colorful Evolution, because with WoP 1.7 we have been working on a bigger update for quite some time, which should also bring new content. Unfortunately, despite an extended beta test phase, a bug with BamBams has crept into WoP 1.6.1, which makes them practically unusable. So we decided to fix this problem as soon as possible with WoP 1.6.2. This release replaces WoP 1.6.1 completely and is available again as full version and as patch.

Windows-Installer (full release)

(Released: 28.11.2021 | MD5: 9583EF3488BFA694A6DC9FCE86307D33 | SHA-1: A07C16B0EC271F35136B4F4F123C8E45E55B8216)

Note: The installer only works with Windows 64bit. WoP 1.6.2 can be installed in parallel with previous WoP versions as long as it is a separate installation directory. It also contains the engines for Linux and MacOSX, which can optionally be unpacked into the installation directory.

Unified zip (full release)

(Released: 28.11.2021 | MD5: BFC24BBE7C043E127CD227C86D327D10 | SHA-1: C80BBA2CB58A85953C42B9CFFC1A9C324005BF1D)

Note: Please unzip the contents of the zip file with all relative paths to a location of your choice and run wop.x86_64.exe on Windows, wop-linux.x86_64 on Linux and wop-osx.x86_64 on MacOS.

Unified zip (patch release)

(Released: 28.11.2021 | MD5: 3961C74EDD573B287522AFCE55D523A1 | SHA-1: 958806B07894951185B4DD53C27346159AAC58F4)

Note: Works with all previous WoP 1.5 and newer versions, but requires at least the WoP 1.5 full version. Please unzip the contents of the zip file with all relative paths into your World of Padman installation directory to update and replace existing files. Start wop.x86_64.exe on Windows, wop-linux.x86_64 on Linux and wop-osx.x86_64 on MacOS.

Like the previous version, WoP 1.6.2 is designed as a maintenance-only release for 64bit operating systems and therefore no longer includes 32bit support. Unless you have a 64bit operating system, you will be forced to use the old WoP 1.6 patch from 2011. You can also play on WoP 1.6.2 servers, but you need at least the two files wop_007.pk3 and wop_008.pk3 from the current version. This will cause the player and bot menu to not work properly in WoP 1.6, but you can at least join a match with them. WoP 1.6.2 is backwards compatible, so you can play on older WoP 1.6 servers without restrictions.

If you want to play a round of World of Padman now, you can directly visit our PadWorld server with the new version. The next Padday will be next week on Sunday, the second Advent, starting at 7:00 pm (CET), for which you should have the new version installed in any case. And finally, we would like to thank our beta testers, who really supported us during the development of WoP 1.6.1/2 and gave us a lot of feedback. Thank you very much!

Have fun with the new version! Your WoP team