Archived WoP versions

WoP Stand Alone Complex Wallpaper by ENTE

World of Padman has recently been released in version 1.6.1 and now you might ask yourself where you can still get the old versions if needed. Well, for that there is now a page with archived WoP versions here on our website under Download, where all old versions of World of Padman are listed with ModDB download link, as far as we can still find them. The PadMod for Quake 3 Arena (WoP 1.0) with its addons was already linked here on the website some time ago. Now we added World of Padman – Standalone Complex (WoP 1.1/1.2) and World of Padman – The Colorful Evolution (WoP 1.5/1.6).

Unfortunately not all files are completely available yet. First we will add ENTE’s PadPack for WoP 1.1/1.2 from 2007. Unfortunately we could not find the original all-in-one installer of the PadMod for MacOS (wop-q3mod-final-mac.dmg) from IG from 2006. If you can still find this file, please contact us (

Finally we want to announce World of Padman 1.6.2. Actually, version 1.6.1 should be the last update for The Colorful Evolution, because with WoP 1.7 we have been working on a much bigger update for quite some time, which should also bring new content. Unfortunately, despite the extended beta test phase, a major bug has sneaked into WoP 1.6.1, which makes the BamBams practically unusable, since they no longer fire projectiles at enemies. We will fix this bug and a few small things with WoP 1.6.2, which will be released as a patch and as a full version on the 1st Advent Sunday 2021. In this respect WoP 1.6.2 will completely replace version 1.6.1 and will then also be offered as a full installer for Windows.