Your favourite weapon is …

OK, you have voted and the BUBBLE G. is your favourite weapon. In combination with the PadPower it seems to be the heaviest gun and for color lovers it is a must have. :mrgreen:

The BOASTER is disliked by many people, and I can understand it. It is really hard to aim and hit! But if you do so, your enemy will not life any longer. We are surprised about the bad result for the BETTY!? We thought that the rocket launcher  is the most liked weapon. Here are the total results:

WoP weapon vote results

WoP weapon vote results

The first vote is over, but we have the next one already started. This time we want to know your favourite maps. You can select two maps you like the most. Click on the right side and choose your favourite WoP Lilliput maps!

(Translation by Harmonieman)