das -boerge- surprise with a new music pack!

Music pack by das -boerge-

Finally a treat for your ears again, then the third WoP music pack is ready for downloading. 😎

Some of you surely know our good Kai who likes to take a shower in colorblots every now and then on the PadDays on Sunday. But only a few here know that Kai is a drummer at the independent hard rock band das -boerge- from Berlin. So naturally the idea came up pretty quickly to include a small das -boerge- album in WoP. Of course we were really happy about the offer, especially since the music is bloody entertaining while playing. My favourite is “All Your Words”, I cannot stop humming it. 😉

On the album, to which I of course swiftly painted a motif, you will find four pieces from that band which is at the same time their first public demo release. Das -boerge- want to record another few songs in the studio soon and will maybe add them to the package, only if you like it of course. You can find the new music pack from das -boerge- on our website under Downloads.

So, have a lot of fun with the new music and a big thanks to das -boerge-!


(Translation by Thilo)