NetRadiant 1.5 Mapping

Install and configure NetRadiant 1.5

In this tutorial I would like to show you how to install the level editor NetRadiant 1.5 on Windows and configure it for World of Padman. But before you start, you should make sure that you have installed World of Padman in the current version correctly. With older versions you might encounter errors when using […]

Monster Browser 0.8a by torhu News

Monster Browser released

torhu, a programmer from Norway and member of the Smokin’ Guns development team, recently released version 0.8a of his Monster Browser. It’s a simple game server browser for Quake 3 based games (and mods) like Smokin’ Guns, Urban Terror and Tremulous. With the new version it supports World of Padman natively now. It uses QStat […]

Community Mapping Contest 2012 News

WoP Community Mapping Contest 2012

The upcoming weekend we start the first community mapping contest. There are so many nice and well done community maps out there, but they’re spread all over the world wide web and may get lost one sad day. To avoid this we would like to create a single official community map pack, including all the […]

WoP Service News

WoP game servers updated

The 1.6 update of World of Padman was released a couple of weeks ago but it always needs some time until administrators recognize updates and start to patch their game servers. By checking Smiley’s mighty server browser at our web page you can find out that all WoP 1.2 and 1.5 game servers are gone […]

Dieselkopf Filthy Man News

Dieselkopf album Fear of the Future released

Fear of the Future is a brand new and recently released record by the band Dieselkopf from Gävle, Sweden. It features 8 tracks which are available as mp3 downloads via Ubetoo. Some tracks are well known from the World of Padman soundtrack like Live your Life and Sentimental Blur. Both tracks were remastered and polished […]

PlanetQuake.com (US) | 21/01/2012 News

FAQ, interview and more

Some people may have noticed that we started a FAQ sub-forum in our forum, which is also linked here in the main menu on the left side of our website. The goal is to gather all the frequently asked questions from the community and to answer them in one place. So if you are new […]

Spotlight #2 News

In the spotlight #2

Today in the spotlight we present a very nice video showing some fresh WoP 1.6 game play made by GameBoom, a community content driven web site for gamers who like free games. The video starts with fighting PaddyBell and her sisters BadPaddy and PaddyBee in oregano4’s Plane. Second part of the video presents the game […]