HELP – PadMod in crisis!!!

Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing some extreme problems with the PadMod, which is simply because we lack some very important people. 🙁 This lack of course means that the PadMod continues to be postponed. So, again, this is a call for help! We are urgently really looking for a few new members for the following areas:

CODER: We need someone who can take care of our menu and our HUD, because nothing really has happened there yet.

GFX-ARTiST: We need somebody who can create us all the effects, such as weapon effects as well as shaders and textures. This also includes code works.

MODEL-ANiMATOR: Urgent, really more than urgent, we are looking for one or two model animators, since our models so far all come without appropriate animations. Since animations for player models need a lot of time, we are looking for THIS URGENT, URGENT, URGENT HELP!!!


SKiN-ARTiSTs: Our weapons still do not have proper skins, and our map objects and player models still need some color. So here we are looking for one or two experienced people.

Please, it would be really great if there were some helping hands here, otherwise we would see black for the PadMod and postpone this mod indefinitely. Please send an email to ENTE.