PadRevenge is no longer PadRevenge

ENTE's PadShip

After a long time ENTE found some time to work on his map PadShip, which is no longer called PadRevenge. It was really hard for him to continue his work, because of lack of time and other things for the mod to do. But we had to cancel so many maps in the past, the Flinstones map, GreenThumbs GreenShed, SLoBTown by SLoB, that he was not willing to cancel this one too! So, we all are really happy to see new very detailed screenshots. There are new rooms and really much details added and now the ship is done by 92%. 😎

Next on list is the spray room and the item placement. It would be really cool to see PadPirat on this ship, but is someone out there who is willed to animate him?


(Translation by Harmonieman)