PadWiki Revival!

We know about it and we utilize it: the good old MediaWiki! There are countless wikis, which care a lot about very special subject fields. Some of you know certainly, there is of course an additional wiki about the colourful comic world of WoP.

Smiley (PadWiki master) created a new version of our wiki and one can admire the result of it here. Why did he do this? He explained this one himself : “The fundamental idea is to give WoP, finally, a proper instruction set and what was easily neglected from the beginning. I installed the inter wiki plugin, which permits several languages to use the MediaWiki to bring some new life into the PadWiki.”

The idea behind a wiki is easy: Knowledge and tips from the community, that is the idea and also the plan for our wiki. If you want to contribute, you can do so. For more information check this thread. Smiley’s wish has been briefly formulated: “That some capable people create really good work, at the moment the PadWiki is seen still as a playground.” Now what remains for us only is to say: Write, write and write! Fill the PadWiki with important or less important advices, tips, easter eggs and Pad knowledge. However, please keep it clean.