Mapping contest has begun

As announced the conditions for the first WoP Community Mapping Contest were released on September 15th. These conditions say that the maps are not allowed to be bigger than 3072³ units (3072 in every direction). Additionally there where some guidelines concerning the weapons: the maps have to include two PUMPER, BETTY and BUBBLE G. each and the remaining weapons have to be built in once at least, but that is not enough: every powerup has to be included once and the mappers are not allowed to use more than 8 jump pads, 4 teleporters and 4 HealthStations. So the conditions are defined clearly, now we can only wait and watch what the following participators will build.

  • fokili
  • padbury
  • ChrisEU
  • nestel
  • somtin
  • Lucky
  • 3atme
  • dada
  • padsbane
  • Pixelmännchen

So we can only say: start up the Radiant, have fun mapping and make us some nice maps! 🙂