First WoP community mapping contest

On the 15th of September in 2008 the first ever mapping contest, which was originated by Jables007, will start. We all don’t know what we will see, but we are curious for your projects. Who ever wants to enter the competition can just to sign up in the forum with a simple post containing your nickname and a way to contact you (ICQ, MSN, or Email) is enough. Of course there is a reason to compete: beside honors for the participators, you are fighting for glory on the mapping scene!

The competition will commence on the 15th of September at 6:oo pm. The deadline is the 30th, so sign up now.

The judging will look like this:

<b>Gameplay:         max. 10 Points
Design:           max.  6 Points
Brushwork:        max.  6 Points
Details:          max.  8 Points
All in one:       max. 30 Points

If you have more questions, contact Jables007 or Pudding.