Status report beta tests

Since two weeks now we are testing the current build of the World of Padman modification and got lots of ideas and things we want to change. 🙂 All in all it seems like the testers like the mod: the maps are well accepted, everyone got a new best liked weapon and the powerups gave the mod a whole new game style. The game type Spray Your Color was played in FFA and Team matches. While FFA was pure fun, we noticed that in Team, we have nothing more than a TDM. Everybody played for themselves and no real team action came up. 🙁

Now, there is a big question: How to go on? Redo the whole game type and push back the release date for a few weeks or maybe months? No, this is not good and we want you to play the mod soon. That is why we decided in include the game type Big Balloon! This decision pushes our release date only one or two weeks back, but for a whole new game type, it is not so much and will be OK. 😉

If you want to know, how our current development plan is, than have a look: After the mappers have fixed their maps and the coders fixed some bugs, we will have a new beta test. The testers will play and the team will work on. This second test should take two weeks. During this two weeks, we hope to get Big Balloon done, which will be tested then afterwards. All together we would say that we need only three weeks from now on. 😉

(Translation by Harmonieman)