Biiiiiiig Balloooooon

First Big Balloon ingame screenshot

It is time to present you the first screenshot of our second game type Big Balloon. 🙂 This game type is nothing more than Domination known from the game Unreal Tournament, but it is just a bit modified. Herby, MopAn and ENTE have worked a lot in the last days and they are proud to be really close to a final version. :mrgreen:

The Code is done by 80% and the model including the skin is already done too. MopAn has finished the new HUD, so there are only small things left to work on. We think that the mappers can begin to adjust their maps to the new game type very soon. 😉 So, it is all near completion, but the big question is, if it all will work fine. 😀 This we will see during the beta tests. 😉


(Translation by Harmonieman)