Neurological for your ears

Painted Death by Neurological

Neurological, an Italian self-made musician and well known games modder recently released his first music pack for World of Padman stand alone game. He is the guy behind mods like Mind and x – MASS for Doom 3 and several contributions for other games like Quake 4, Oblivion and Postal 2. As he realised that WoP supports custom music packs he planned to produce a new soundtrack called “Painted Death” which features seven unique tracks of Death Metal mixed up with elements of Hard Rock. You can listen all full tracks on his homepage Download the music pack, throw the pk3-file into you wop-subdirectory and enjoy.

Maybe you realised that there is an issue with playing additional soundtracks while playing online. Simply it is not available even if both, server and client, have the same music packs installed. Don’t worry, we already solved the problem and will release the fix with the upcoming version 2.0 of WoP.

Update: The the Painted Death music pack received an update with two new songs and since WoP 1.5, it is part of the World of Padman default installation so there is no extra download needed any more.