-chaOs- first shaders

These are the first shader effects made by -chaOs-. You can see waving water and a nice snow effect. (Translation by Harmonieman)

The PadMod team needs you!

We are in desperate need of some 3D artist. If you are good in skinning, modelling and in shader scripting, e.g. water, light, plants, glass, you can send an email to ENTE and we can get into contact. If you like this mod and want to support us with your skills, let us know. 🙂 […]

Menu screenshots

gekitzu made some experiments with the menu. You can find a screenshot in the section Pictures/Menu. (Translation by LadySunshine & Fiesling)

Fiesling started his work

Our mapper Fiesling started to work on his first map for World of Padman. It will be a garage with a lot of eye candy. You can take a look at early screenshots of the alpha stage at the pictures/maps section. (Translation by LadySunshine & Fiesling)

The first weapon model

tone made his first weapon model and Mr.Slomo coded the suitable effects for this one. Take a look at the effects in the pictures/models section. (Translation by LadySunshine & Fiesling)

Out of old make new

We will use some of the already developed PadMaps and models, but we will optimize and improve them for our mod. Our first strike is the new Padman skin. Now he frags in a cool black and yellow suit. The maps Home of the Gamer from Fiesling and ENTE’s PadGarden and PadKitchen will be new […]

The PadMod team says hello and …

… a happy New Year!!! Some of you may look surprised now if they see this site, others will be happy and another group of people will ask themselves, why they have to look at more of this awful maps. There had to be some new fresh stuff with the PadMaps, and I had the […]