The PadMod team says hello and …

… a happy New Year!!! Some of you may look surprised now if they see this site, others will be happy and another group of people will ask themselves, why they have to look at more of this awful maps. There had to be some new fresh stuff with the PadMaps, and I had the idea of a PadMod since a long time so is started to ask people, if they want to work with me in a team.

Now I have a very good and talented team consisting of Fiesling, GomJabbar, Harmonieman, Maverick, Mr.Slomo, Ronny, tone and Tymo. There are also some Freelancers in our team. These people are -chaos-, gekitsu and GrimReaper. Many of them are well known in the German Q3 scene. We want to make this mod called Word of Padman.

So, welcome on our official page and have fun with all the stuff here.

(Translation by LadySunshine & Fiesling)