Animation, skin and 2D artists needed!

For our player models we really need somebody, who can show us how they have to walk! We also need some skin artist and someone for our 2D GFX!! We will be happy, if someone can help us. πŸ™‚ (Translation by Harmonieman)

New color sketches!!!

Short before our upcoming first big news update with fantastic screenshots, I have made some new colored arts of player and weapon models. These are only some ideas, especially the player models, and we cannot realize all our ideas. We look for the best ones and that is why there is a poll in our […]

And again some new members

We are growing again, because SLoB and tpe joined us. Both will help us doing some 3D models and objects. SLoB has just begun doing a weapon model and tpe is working on a player model. πŸ™‚ In the near future we will show you some damn good images of our current work. Map and […]

New freelancers

Our team grows a bit up, because FEzzz and Redlemons have joined us. Maybe you know Redlemons. He made a lot of weapon and player skins and he is the winner of the PadSkin contest. πŸ™‚ FEzzz is new in the scene, but he wants to help us doing some 3D stuff. So, let us […]

-chaOs- first shaders

These are the first shader effects made by -chaOs-. You can see waving water and a nice snow effect. (Translation by Harmonieman)

The PadMod team needs you!

We are in desperate need of some 3D artist. If you are good in skinning, modelling and in shader scripting, e.g. water, light, plants, glass, you can send an email to ENTE and we can get into contact. If you like this mod and want to support us with your skills, let us know. πŸ™‚ […]

Menu screenshots

gekitzu made some experiments with the menu. You can find a screenshot in the section Pictures/Menu. (Translation by LadySunshine & Fiesling)

Fiesling started his work

Our mapper Fiesling started to work on his first map for World of Padman. It will be a garage with a lot of eye candy. You can take a look at early screenshots of the alpha stage at the pictures/maps section. (Translation by LadySunshine & Fiesling)

The first weapon model

tone made his first weapon model and Mr.Slomo coded the suitable effects for this one. Take a look at the effects in the pictures/models section. (Translation by LadySunshine & Fiesling)