Padman wishes a Merry Christmas

Padman Comics by ENTE

Once again it is time and Christmas is just around the corner. We had already started to bring the old PadFiles for Quake 3 Arena, Elite Force and Jedi Knight 2 back online in 2018. In the course of 2019 we have restored the WoP-News of the years 2002 to 2013 as far as possible in great diligence. Unfortunately not everything could be found and reconstructed via the web archive and many pictures seem to be lost forever.

This year it was our goal to document the development of World of Padman on our WoP Story page during the advent season. We managed to revise the two old articles about the Padman comic series and PadMania and to put them back online on our website in an extended form. It was also planned to put a completely new article about the development history of the PadMod online on the last Sunday in Advent, so the day before yesterday. After all, it turned 15 this year. That was also a major reason to deal with the old WoP news so intensively. Unfortunately we did not manage to finish and publish the article in time. We hope to make up for this in the next few days.

Meanwhile, ENTE had the opportunity to rummage in its WoP file archive and has compiled a total of 800 MB of material, which we are currently sifting through and will integrate bit by bit on our website in the course of the coming year. There is also a lot of picture material that will be of particular benefit to the restored WoP news. There will also be a few more downloads and a selection of Padman comics. We will start today with the very last Padman comic, which was published in Playstation Games magazine at that time. The Padman comics will be published in English for the first time. This is our Christmas present to you. Have fun with it!

Stay tuned, because next year will be exciting. Your WoP team.