ENTE’s PadPack released – a first map pack

It is done, we bring to you a first map package with three new maps for World of Padman. ENTE himself revised three maps from old Quake 3 Arena days again. ENTE’s PadPack contains PadGallery, PadCastle and PadCrash. Even though these maps are not Lilliput style maps, they promise and deliver quality construction and fantastic game action for that oh-so-good WoP feeling. Beside normal FFA matches, the maps also work with the game types Last Pad Standing and Big Balloon. Playing Spray Your Color is not possible.

ENTE's PadPack

ENTE’s PadPack

The three maps are very different and unique from one another. With PadGallery featuring an enormous, modern and impressive detailed museum or art gallery, in which there is really much to see, but which you can get lost in very fast. 😉 PadCastle is a small, ancient castle, where knight’s fight in medieval matches. To go with all of that we have still the very colourful PadCrash, an arena map, which comes in three different versions in the package. With PadCrash including an all new Big Balloon version for a completely new Big Balloon feeling.

So, now go have much fun with the new maps!!!

(Released: 16.07.2007 | MD5: C59E212B29B28E0162AF33DFB118344C | SHA-1: 75B55FD5C32A018893A9E09D5460630D4C550FD4)

(Released: 16.07.2007 | MD5: 5A31EAA829E2A6A8D7A70C799E7F6602 | SHA-1: 740A0C0FA532225AA7F1A1E77F172CCAA80C6C9D)

Installation of the unified ZIP file and start

  1. Extract wop_padpack.pk3 into your ./wop sub-directory
  2. Start World of Padman
  3. All maps are accessible via the create server menu now.