Review and award

Some of you might have noticed that the guys from ModDB took our little game to have a closer look at it. The result is a nice small review (web archive), which describes World of Padman in a positive way. Besides this, we have been awarded the Good Ideas Award. We are really happy about receiving this one, which was originated by only short time ago. They wrote:

“Hello, your game World of Padman is a really felicitous and genuine piece of fantasy. It shows off, that ego shooters can be funny without being filled with blood. This game explodes with its plenty ideas. Fun and delight were integrated in a very, very nice way. Because of this, I give you the Good Ideas Award. Congratulation!

The design criteria of the Website are not considered. (Although your website would have earned an award also.)”

We will add the award to the page as soon as we know where to place it. 🙂

A big thanks to ModDB and Alphanostrum!