Community advent calendar – door 23

You will get presents tomorrow, so the 23rd always appears eternal. To fill this eternity, Phobos is finally releasing its map Pokernight. The map was already announced in various forums, but there were only screenshots to see and a there was no beta yet. But now the wait is over. At least for the WoP 1.5 beta testers. Since Phobos uses features from WoP 1.5 in the map, we want to make sure that they do not show up in WoP 1.2, apart from missing textures.

We have considered the following as a compromise: the beta testers should make screenshots and videos while playing and present them in the forum. This should also convince the non-beta testers. And if you read all the pre-interpretations correctly, you, who have not had the pleasure to test WoP 1.5 in advance, will be able to play the map soon.

So then, have fun! 🙂

Update: You can download the map now from