New WoP Intro by Doomdragon News

Community advent calendar – door 13

Today, on the 13th of December, we want to show the full picture, which was hinted at yesterday. This picture does not have to be described too extensively. The only thing we will mention is that it shows a scene from the intro Doomdragon has revised for the new version 1.5. PS: Some of us […]

Community advent calendar – door 12

Today we have a big surprise for you again. It has something to do with WoP 1.5 but we do not want to tell too much about it. Maybe you can guess it from looking at the picture. FatPad is waving to us, maybe a hint for door 13?

James Johnson aka PencilWhipped News

PencilWhipped joined the lines

A couple of days ago we got an email from James Johnson aka PencilWhipped from the USA. He describes himself as ‘an accomplished life-size sculptor, a ZBrush artist, a mechanical part drafter for farming equipment, a physical simulations creator, and, yes, even a character animator from time to time.’ He is currently attending the University […]

Phobos secret map News

Community advent calendar – door 11

Colourful maps were always the branding of WoP. But a certain community member showed us that other things can be done. In a cemetery, a crypt is placed in the centre, which gives an illuminated view to the mightiest weapon in the PadWorld – the iMPERiUS. R.I.P. iMPERiUS, or we can interpret it like that. […]

Community advent calendar – door 10

During the beta tests for WoP 1.5, events for the older version are left in the background, but here comes a new announcement that concerns both the serious WoP players and the casual players. On the 11th of December, a mass fragging event, yes, another PadDay, is planned. Meet at the server called [CFS]Launchpad around […]

PadBox by ENTE News

Community advent calendar – door 9

Normally you would expect an unpleasant surprise from a box with a scary face, but it is not so with ENTE’s PadBox. Here you defend your lolly while stealing the enemy’s using one of the many routes. The map not only looks good, but plays even better, thanks to the many paths and options. Those […]

PadChef head by Pixelmännchen News

Community advent calendar – door 8

Today is the 8th of December and, once again, it is time for a little gift. This time it comes from Pixelmännchen, who thought that Padman could be quite a good kitchen chef and therefore he created this chef head model. Simply download this file (Link is broken), put it into your World of Padman […]

WoP USK 12+ News

WoP rated 12+ by German USK rating board

This might not be of real concern outside of Germany, but you might know that shooters traditionally have a tough standing in this country. Often decried as “killer games” by politicians, the debate on shooters tends to focus on the violent aspects of these games and the supposed effect it might have on adolescents, frequently […]

Bridge model by padbabs News

Community advent calendar – door 7

Today, on December 7th, we are going to give the mappers among us a treat, because no one’s supposed to be left out. Because of that, padbabs, who has been famous for quite some time because of the richness of detail in his maps, has created quite a good-looking ASE model. As you can see […]