Flare mapping tutorials back online

ENTE's PadGarden

They have just gone online again in a revised form, two more mapping tutorials that focus intensively on flare effects and lens reflection effects, so-called flares in World of Padman. The first tutorial explains how to add dynamic or static flares to the light textures in your map. A flare is a kind of glare effect, which is created around a light source by scattering. The second tutorial explains how you can add a nice sky lens flare to the environment box in your map. This refers to the visible reflection and scattering of light from a point light source like the sun, which is created in a lens system. Both effects are used in our maps and contribute to the optical beautification of World of Padman.

Last year we already started to put some of the tutorials for World of Padman back online, which were already available here in German a few years ago. We will continue this work in the future and make the tutorials available in English for the first time. Furthermore, we are of course grateful for guest contributions on other WoP topics for which a tutorial would be helpful. Just contact us in the editing channel on our WoP discord server or in the WoP editing forum on ModDB. Of course, this also applies to questions and suggestions regarding the already available tutorials.

Adding a flare effect to the light texture

In this tutorial I would like to show you how to create a light emitting…

Adding a lens reflection effect to the environment box

In this tutorial I would like to show you how to add an existing lens…