Herby was coding

Bubble G. weapon effect

Hey, the three to four days news break is already over … why don’t you say something? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: OK, sorry, but I was waiting for new material, or I wanted to post it as soon as it was fixed accordingly. Now it is time again. Our good Herby came up with some fantastic new effects. 🙂

Our weapon effects are now completed to 90%. There are only a few smaller things left that are easy to edit. On the first screenshots you see the Bubble G. in action. This weapon fires small paint balls, leaving some corresponding marks behind, which looks really cool. Here we are still thinking about making the splashes of colour a bit more transparent. The second picture shows the Boaster, which got a new water jet, which behaves surprisingly realistic in action. So it is really not so easy to hit someone. 🙂 Last but not least, you will see the teleport / respawn effect in its current version. Whether something is changing, we can not say right now. Here are still experimenting a little bit. 😉