Want a HUD?

First HUD screenshot

Actually, we did not want to show this little baby, because it is not finished yet. But there is no other stuff to show, so here we go. This is our new HUD!!


After a long discussion and a lot of different ideas, we have chosen one HUD that we wanted to have in the game. This one will be ingame in different styles you can select from: a red one, a blue one, a black one, a green one and last but not least a metal one, which is still in the works. MrFloppy tried to give it a plastic-look, while raute was coding the HUD into the game.

I think they have done a good job. As said before, this pic does not show up the final version! We are still working on it and trying to give it a smoother look. Some parts should be a bit more transparent and the status of health and shield will receive a window too. We hope that we can show you some newer screenshots in the near future.

(Translation by Harmonieman)