GlowStar's Cabin News

Glowstars new map!

Without informing us in advance, our member Glowstar surprised us with really nice screenshots of a completely new map. 😉 The new map is about a small wooden hut, in the middle of the wilderness, framed by a beautiful sky box that once again created our MightyPete. Glowstar considered building a small research station and […]

MopAn's Jail News

MopAn’s Jail

MopAn found some time to finish of his jail map and got a really cool version of it up on the private FTP server. So it was time to put his map on the pictures page and to give you some more screenshots to look at. Head over to the maps section and have fun. […]

iMPERiUS weapon effect News

Boom, Boom, shake the room

Today, Herby surprised us with the latest weapon effects and two of them we would like to present to you. On the one hand there is the PUMPER, which represents here some kind of a shotgun. Except that our PUMPER shoots something like lightnings. The effect is similar to a shotgun, because the spreading lightnings […]

PadShip Sprayroom by ENTE News

Do you like Jules Verne?

Some time ago ENTE started to work on the spray room of his map PadShip. Now, we want to present you the first pics of this very detailed room. As you can see, it is inspired by the old Jules Verne movies. On the one side, there are the spray boards (have a look on […]

No bot support?!

Unfortunately, we currently do not know at the moment how we should handle the bot support, because we could not deal with this problem until now due to time constraints. It looks like there will not be a bot support for the game type Spray Your Color in the first beta … unfortunately. Although you […]

PadMod at GiGA Games!???!

What can we say, we received these days an email from GiGA Games and the kind Marc announced his interest in the PadMod. Phew, it came as a surprise for us and we did not know what to do in the beginning. We are not really far enough in development to present something. Of course, […]

ENTE's PadShip News

PadRevenge is no longer PadRevenge

After a long time ENTE found some time to work on his map PadShip, which is no longer called PadRevenge. It was really hard for him to continue his work, because of lack of time and other things for the mod to do. But we had to cancel so many maps in the past, the […]

WoP Intro Movie News

PadMovie – Take one

Here comes the hammer, because for some time there is someone working diligently on a 3D rendered movie with Padman. Responsible for this is DoomDragon, which seems to really let off steam in this really short work. 😉 Actually planned are two to three movies, but we very much doubt that they will make it […]

GlowStar's Anteroom Levelshot News

Do you like comics?

The normal levelshots (screenshots of the maps) look really strange in our multicoloured comic menu, so ENTE decided to draw some nice ones from scratch. This means again some little extra effort, but we think that the new hand drawn pics look much better in the menu and that it all looks more suitable then. […]