MopAn's Jail News

MopAn got caught in the jail

Our new mapper MopAn has worked very hard on his jail map and now he surprises us with the first screenshots. He has found out a new way of Lilliput mapping. All the other members use one big room for the action, but MopAn is using a lot of different rooms. It is really hard […]

DemonPrincess and the first animations

Some time ago, after DemonPrincess noticed that we are looking for an animator, she joined the team. She was very excited about all the stuff we had already done and started to animate MonsterPad. Short time later, she presented the first results and the rest of the team was very happy about the new and […]

We are still here

We are really sorry, if nothing happens on our site … we are a bit sloppy in this regard. But even if we hardly announce news on our side, it does not mean that we have already cancelled the mod. Let me just briefly list what has happened recently. 😉 We have finally found someone […]

HealthStation News


Here it is, the HealthStation formally known as the LoadingStation. 😉 We wanted to present this one some time ago, but we got some trouble with the effects. We had some nice stars around the cross, but the performance they needed was too high, so we had to remove them. 🙁 But there are still […]

Stars News

Big news update no. 9

We are still alive!! *g We have lost some members and the motivation is not at its best, but a hard core is still hoping to get the mod done!! And we are working to get first beta done. At the moment our coder raute is the one who has to do the grunt work […]

The About button

Today I sat down once and overworked the About page, as there was not really much to read about the PadMod. 😉 Our PadMod project is supposed to consist in total of three game modes (SYC, BB and LPS) and therefore I have briefly summarized how these game modes should work. We can not say […]

PiratPad Render News

Gogitason presents PiratPad

We were very surprised as Gogitason showed us some screenshots of the PiratPad. Actually we thought that we will never see this model done, because Gogitason was not available for some time and we thought that he is gone. But now, these screens show up that he is still alive and kickin’. Maybe we can […]

PadSketch by ENTE News

PadArt section is online

Everyone seems to have one, an art section that shows up first ideas and sketches. The only mod that has no art section yet seems to be the PadMod. But wait, we work with sketches too, so let us put them on this page. 😉 ENTE put some old ones and some new ones together […]

Interim report

Even if things are slow again, there is one who is working intensely. 😉 This diligent member is no less than our main coder raute, which will surprise us shortly with his latest code update. This not only means that we are taking a decisive step further, but also that there will be a lot […]