Monshterush Tipsh

In World of Padman you really have to hit the ground running, because from start to finish each WoP game is a survival situation with no prospect of shelter or rescue, especially from our tricky egocentric “seek and destroy” bots. Fundamentally, you have two choices, a) take the empirical approach, pointlessly learning the hard way, […]

Terraforming PadWorld

Many members have been burning the candle at both ends for months in a determined effort to meet WoP’s 1st stand alone release deadline of April 1st. We are still on schedule, and so internally, anxiety is diminishing, because confidence in the product is high. Now with only 8 days to go, all that remains […]

MTV GameOne (DE) | 21/03/2007 News

WoP on MTV Game One

By the way, our Harmonieman visited the Hamburg editorial office of MTV GameOne, a German TV show about computer games, for an interview about making a mod in general, and it was broadcast on GameOne on 21st of March at 7:30 pm (GMT+01:00). This gives us a nice opportunity to show you some fresh footage […]

PadShip by ENTE News

Avast Ye Landlubbers!

Arrrr! Feast ye deadlights on t’ refitted PadShip as Cap’n ENTE’s beauty sits at anchor in the lagoon awaiting sea trials. Aye, I guarantee ye, she will see plenty of horns waggling, and a swashbuckling tale or two. Expect to shiver yer timbers and have lots of yo-ho-ho fun as this map’s been reworked in […]

World Wide WoP

The beta-testers are now a little over half way through testing the WoP stand alone, and things remain on target for April. Those already familiar with the PadMod may have a slight advantage over others, notwithstanding the myriad of changes, however they too will have many new things to discover, and be overwhelmed when they […]