GameStar (DE) | 06/2007 News

First magazine articles spotted!

Shortly after we mentioned that some magazines wanted to write some small articles about World of Padman or to release the game on the cover DVD/CD, we spotted the first two. The first one, the German GameStar writes: “If you crossed a Smurf with Elton John, probably a little blue gnome with ugly glasses would […]

GIGA Games (DE) | 03/04/2007 News

WoP at German GIGA Games TV

This was a surprise to us because we found a note in our shout box that WoP would be televised on German GIGA Games TV. And that is exactly what happened! The two boys (and a girl) played the game for about 25 minutes live on television to present it to their audience. Great! It […]

PadCastle by ENTE News

News from the mapping section

So, what is new in the mapping section? Like ENTE already hinted in the forum, he is working hard on the PadPack to modify and polish it up for the stand alone. Four maps, PadCastle, PadGallery and PadCrash (last one in two versions) will be included. These PadMaps for WoP started some years ago under […]

WoP Service News

The WoP forum is back!

First we have to apologize, unfortunately our forum host was unable to deal with the amount of traffic the WoP forum has received since the stand alone release of World of Padman, but we managed to find a new home for our forum. A big thank you goes to Smiley. Despite suffering from a bad […]

Au-Ja.de (DE) | 12/04/2007 News

No. 1 tip on chip.de and review on au-ja.de

The German editorial staff at chip.de found World of Padman a joy to play and have recommend our little game as a must download! Also we found a nice review of World of Padman on the German au-ja.de site. We hope that we will find some English reviews in the future as well. Some English […]

Let’s say thanks!

The only thing we can say is: WOW! The reactions during the last week were amazing and it is a lot more than we expected. One week has elapsed since the release of the stand alone of World of Padman and the team is still sitting in front of their PCs without knowing what to […]

WoP – it is done!

Phew, how to write a fitting news story for the release of a project like the World of Padman Standalone? Make it long and elaborate, or a short solid piece? Months, no, years already, the WoP team has been working on this project. Everyone sitting hours and hours in front of their PC’s, produced new […]

Welcome to the new WoPsite

Yesterday a new WoP trailer, now a new WoP website, and before long the very first version of the World of Padman stand alone (around 15:00 CET, 14:00 BST). We just won’t stop. 😉 Good old Smiley spend the last month, calmly tinkering away on a brand new World of Padman website. This new page […]

WoP stand alone trailer online!

The PadWorld team continues to work obsessively on the World of Padman stand alone game as April 1st closes in. Awake all hours, the team absorb the pressure, and feverishly try to polish the game until the last possible moment. Our doomdragon has worked extremely hard without breaks over many nights to produce a new […]