World Wide WoP

The beta-testers are now a little over half way through testing the WoP stand alone, and things remain on target for April. Those already familiar with the PadMod may have a slight advantage over others, notwithstanding the myriad of changes, however they too will have many new things to discover, and be overwhelmed when they first come to play the maps. Indeed, we think the stand alone is so good that we expect no one want to play the mod version again.

As far as what maps will be included? For sure, ENTE’s PadAttic, ENTE’s PadGarden, ENTE’s PadKitchen, ENTE’s PadLibrary, ENTE’s PadShip, Harm’s Diner, Harm’s Hütte, MopAn’s Jail, Kai’s Trash Map (new), and one of GlowStar’s maps, Anteroom, Backyard, or Cabin should also make the release in time.

If that does not seem a lot, just remember not everything is planned for the first release. Also, do not forget that World of Padman comes with bot support for 7 different game types, so that is plenty to keep everyone happy for starters. 😉