Avast Ye Landlubbers!

PadShip by ENTE

Arrrr! Feast ye deadlights on t’ refitted PadShip as Cap’n ENTE’s beauty sits at anchor in the lagoon awaiting sea trials. Aye, I guarantee ye, she will see plenty of horns waggling, and a swashbuckling tale or two. Expect to shiver yer timbers and have lots of yo-ho-ho fun as this map’s been reworked in some considerable detail from the fo’c’s’le to the poop deck, and it will take a few evolutions for old hands to adjust to the many improvements.


1. Looking aft from the port shroud: In-game the ship not only creaks, but it (and the wheel) rock with the swell. There appears to be much splicing of the mainbrace here as bottles of grog (rum) lie everywhere!. Flight remains above the mainmast lantern, Visionless atop the quarterdeck bureau, and Splasher on the corner banister.

2. Looking fwd from half way up the quarterdeck stairs: A Jolly Roger watermark emblazons and adorns the mainsail. Out of sight, adjacent to the forecastle door you’ll find Jumper sitting on a barrel, while inside the door there’s a Pumper, and on the forecastle deck, a Betty. Balloony is stowed opposite the door, where the mainmast meets an out if sight hatch.

3. Looking aft from within the hold: Check out the top right of this picture. This is not a ship to be meddled with 😉 Two pristine six pounders 🙂 Bulkheads partition the hold, and beyond the door there’s another compartment of similar size. In this one you’ll find a Bolster between the foremost cannon and the base of the main mast, while top left and out of sight there’s Revival. The Spray Your Colour teleporter is located in the corner by the door.

4. Inside the captains cabin looking aft: There’s lots of eye candy here in this lavishly decorated cabin. But the real goodies are the BubbleG on the Captains table, and Padpower through an open window in the left of this picture located by the starboard quarter gunwale.

5. Inside the captains cabin looking fwd: Old paddies should note, the door is now closed and revival has relocated, see #3. A small compartment located between the door seen here, and the door in #1 now separates the captain’s cabin.

6. A view inside the ships spray room somewhere in the keel: This is where your pillaged and plundered pirate booty (carts) can be sprayed with reckless abandon. Here we see only the blue-framed spray wall. Beware, the penalty for loitering too long is clearly visible through the glass, an underwater cannon aimed at a cage makes for an ideal pad fish food dispenser.