Nascar 2003 PadMod Car News

On the road again

This news posting is not really related to the mod, but I think we have to mention it, hehe. Which other mod team can say to have a Nascar on the road? In the PadMan forum ENTE was asked to do a skin for Nascar 2003 in the PadMod style, because Chris wanted to have […]

HTML professional wanted

As you may have noticed, we always neglect our website a bit. The news is rare and the other pages are hardly updated, although it is very necessary, since they are no longer up to date. This is just too much work for me, I have too much to do with the mod, and I […]

PiratPad concept News

An animator is still needed!!!

Yes, we are still looking for a talented guy, who can help us with the animation of our PadFamily. Gogitason is finishing FunnyPad and plans to create PiratPad and that is the reason why we start the search once again. 😉 Some of you may ask, why we are still creating models without having an […]

PadKitchen by ENTE News

Attic and Kitchen are done so far

If you have read the last news posting, you know that PadAttic, PadKitchen and PadGarden are done and that we only need to adjust them to the new code version that is on its way. Here are some screenshots of PadAttic and PadKitchen, that show up that ENTE worked a lot on the textures and […]

Current situation

You all want to know what’s going on, so here is a short report on the current situation. Actually, we planned to have a big news update, which should include all the cool new stuff that raute and Herby created in the last weeks. But the new code version is delayed and we all have […]

Backyard by GlowStar News

GlowStar’s Backyard

Yesterday, we got a little surprise from GlowStar, he presented some new screenshots and gave us a first playable version of his backyard map! It is the first version and and there is still much to do, but we want you to have a look at the sweet pictures. 😉 The backyard will be get […]

Angie Lee is speaking

YES, we finally found the voice for our background moderator! We wanted a sympathetic, female voice and that is why the search was not easy at all. But one day PitchShifter (well know in our forums) heard about our problem and said that he knows a person who maybe can help us. 😉 Two days […]

PadGarden by ENTE News

PadGarden is on its way

Actually it was planned to not include PadGarden in the mod, because ENTE didn’t want to recreate or better redesign it again. 😉 Some days ago he began to think about the whole PadThing and decided to pull his fingers out and redo the map. PadGarden was the first Lilliput PadMap and with this map […]

Website is online again

Faster than expected, our page is now online again! We thank eXtreme-players for the nimble work and of course we are happy that everything went so smoothly. I hope that I have loaded all files back to the server, but if there are problems, e.g. a picture is missing or even an entire page, so […]