TrashMap CTL (wip) News

TrashMap CTL – Sneak a peak

The following screen shots show some first impressions of Kai’s TrashMap, adapted for the game type Capture The Lolly. This map is huge and provides a diverse playground up to…

Padman roughly sketched News

How to draw Padman

ENTE just released a video on how to draw our beloved Padman character in a quick’n’dirty way. This might come in handy for your own Padman sketches, e.g. for level…

WoP Service News

The WoP forum is moving

As you most likely noticed, the forum is currently unavailable. This is due to PadWorld is moving to a new server. Both gaming servers are already running on the new…

The cancelled single player mode

As many of you know, we originally planned a single player mode for World of Padman, but unfortunately for a lack of strength and motivation that mode won’t be finished….

ENTE's April Fool News

ENTE’s April Fool

Some of you maybe found out that ENTE’s video released on April 1st was nothing but an April fool’s trick. In the video (German only) ENTE is unboxing the World…

eSport school championship News

WoP in a school tournament

Due to the USK rating (in Germany the game is rated for children 12+ years), World of Padman is selected for the 5th eSport school championship (German only). We provide…

James Johnson aka PencilWhipped News

PencilWhipped joined the lines

A couple of days ago we got an email from James Johnson aka PencilWhipped from the USA. He describes himself as ‘an accomplished life-size sculptor, a ZBrush artist, a mechanical…

WoP USK 12+ News

WoP rated 12+ by German USK rating board

This might not be of real concern outside of Germany, but you might know that shooters traditionally have a tough standing in this country. Often decried as ‘killer games’ by…