Indie of the Year Awards 2019 Top 100 News

Again in the Top 100 Indie Games

World of Padman made it again into the Top 100 Indie Games on IndieDB in 2019 and we would like to thank you for that. After our unexpected success in 2018, we are very happy to be there again in 2019, because we last managed to do so in 2011. You can vote for us […]

The PadMaps Mania News

PadMania – The PadMaps Mania

Since today is the second Advent, we have searched again in our archive box and added a new page to our WoP story section. This time it is about the creation of ENTE’s PadMaps and all the hustle and bustle that was created between 2000 and 2002. Today hardly anyone can understand this and the […]

Planet PAD & Xmas Padman wallpapers News

Two more wallpapers for St. Nicholas Day

Today is St. Nicholas Day and surely you cleaned all your boots yesterday properly and put them in front of the door! Well, maybe we have outgrown this custom a little bit, but nevertheless we want to put some little things into your exemplary cleaned virtual boots. Among them are two more wallpapers from ENTE, […]

Quake 3 Arena Logo 20 Years Feature

20 Years of Quake 3 Arena

Today, 20 years ago, on 2nd December 1999, id Software released Quake 3 Arena, setting the bar higher than ever for first-person shooters. It was a shooter designed purely for multiplayer matches with very intense gameplay, at a time when games without a single player hardly existed and the connection to the Internet was still […]

Indie of the Year Awards 2019 News

Indie of the Year Awards 2019 started

IndieDB has today launched its annual Indie of the Year Awards for the tenth time. The site remains true to its concept and you have the chance to vote World of Padman among the Top 100 Indie Games of 2019 until December 10th. Just go to WoP’s IndieDB profile page and click the vote button. […]

The Padman Comic Series News

Padman – The Comic Series

Surely you have already noticed that we have slightly adapted the main navigation of our website. The new menu item XTRAS has been added, where you can find, besides the already known pages for media coverage and tutorials, now also a new page, the WoP story. There we will try in the future to give […]

Happy Halloween News

Happy Halloween

As you already know, today is Halloween and with a little help Adri {HUN}, a well known member of our [PAD]Community and famous for her Padday videos, created this beautiful WoP Halloween pumpkin. What about you? Are you going to create your own WoP related Pumkin or Halloween costume? We would like to see it. […]

GameStar (DE) | 07/2011 News

Contributions of GameStar and PC Joker

This week we would like to draw your attention to the old articles on World of Padman in the German computer game magazines GameStar and PC Joker, from whose editors we received permission to publish the corresponding content on our website. Already in 2000 the PC Joker published a short interview with ENTE about creating […]

Join us on Discord News

WoP Discord server available

It took a while, but we have finally set up a public WoP Discord server for the great [PAD]Community out there. In the age of mobile internet and instant messaging, this was really about time. After the good old PadForm could not be restored after our fatal web server crash in 2015, the [PAD]Community forum […]