WoP Discord server available

Join us on Discord

It took a while, but we have finally set up a public WoP Discord server for the great [PAD]Community out there. In the age of mobile internet and instant messaging, this was really about time.

After the good old PadForm could not be restored after our fatal web server crash in 2015, the [PAD]Community forum on ModDB could not really show the activity of the community any more. This is just another sad aspect of the great forum extinction of the last 10 years. But especially on the [PAD]Days, like last Sunday, we see again and again how active the community is in reality and today, after a good 15 years of World of Padman, we have a lot more players on these days than at the time of PadMod.

Discord is a free instant messaging service especially for gamers, which allows communication via text and voice and can be used on all common operating systems and also directly in the browser. Have fun with it!