Padman – The Comic Series

The Padman Comic Series

Surely you have already noticed that we have slightly adapted the main navigation of our website. The new menu item XTRAS has been added, where you can find, besides the already known pages for media coverage and tutorials, now also a new page, the WoP story. There we will try in the future to give you an understanding of the development history of our freeware fun shooter World of Padman and to document it in detail. ENTE had already published a video (German only) on the topic in 2012, which we have of course also linked to you on this page.

Since today is the first Advent, we have rummaged a bit in our archives to celebrate the day and now want to highlight the origin of Padman and his comic series in the PSG magazine, which appeared from 1998 to 2002. So we really start at the beginning. This page about the creation of the Padman comic series was already once part of ENTE’s old Padman website (, but should be integrated into the new WoP website after its shutdown in 2007. But this never happened. We are finally catching up now, have edited the original text in some places and translated it into English. We wish you a lot of fun browsing and a contemplative 1st Advent.

The Padman Comic Series

1997-2001: The PADMAN comic series

It is a PADMAN! In 1997 the story around PADMAN began. The former game console…

If you are bored tonight, do not forget that today is a [PAD]DAY! So we will see us later!

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