6 questions to a PadMember – Smiley

After a long break we go on with our PadMember interviews and now it is Smiley’s turn. He is no longer a real PadMember, but anyway, he did a lot for the World of Padman. Read on:

Reporter: Tell us something about yourself.
Smiley: Err, I should tell something about myself. Well I am the Smiley (some actually call me Dennis), I am 32 years old and live in the middle of the beautiful county of Hesse (a state in Germany). I work as an IT administrator and alternatively as a handyman in the shipping trade. So I work with funny things like GPS navigation (like “tomtom-work”, “google-maps”, “fleetec” etc.), scheduler-software, forklift driving etc. Ohh and I am building a new website for my company? may I post a link here? Oh no, it would be covert advertising. :mrgreen:

R: How did you get your nickname?
S: My nickname is easy to explain: Just have a look on the team-page. A friend called me Smiley ages ago (around 1992) and since then I am known and called by this nick. To describe it without pictures: I am (nearly) always in a good mood which seems to be inborn as an Aquarius. ๐Ÿ˜‰

R: How did you come to WoP and since when were you a part of the team?
S: Actually I know and play WoP since the first PadMaps. We played a lot on LAN back then (due to a lack of an internet connection). I have been active since about 2006 here in the forum, though I was a real PadMember since I presented the first version of my WoP-Server-Browser and offered to build a whole new website. Or was it since I recommended the team to build an installer for the Quake 3 PadMod to get more people playing? (Installing WoP for Quake 3 was really difficult.)

R: What is your job in the team?
S: Because no one of the team has the time, mood or know-how to deal with web-programming and administration this task seems to be mine. Unfortunately I am not very talented with mapping and modding otherwise I could have brought something like this in the World of Padman.ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

R: What are you mostly proud of (at WoP)?
S: You are right looking at it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes, I mean this website? Has got style, eh? OK, sadly I have not finished it (I left the team because of some difference in opinions before it was completed) – but nevertheless I am totally proud of it because so many people visited the page – have a look at the counter. By the way, I have got something new and as far as the team is interested, there soon will be an update. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Further things like the Windows-Installer or some in-game ideas like running faster with the Punchy also came from me.

R: What can we await from you in the future (at WoP)?
S: As I already mentioned, maybe a new website and maybe even a new Windows-Installer; we will see what time brings.